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Zodic Zone

Symbol :The Ram Planet :Mars House :First House Gemstone :Red Coral Element :Fire Compatibility :Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Good :Aquarius, Libra, Gemini Doutfull:Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

ARIES - HEALTH You are always on the move and don't have the time to eat sensibly. Your eating habits mirror your busy lifestyle: lots of starches and fats, not enough of proteins, vegetables and fresh fruits. You drive yourself very hard, always striving to reach the top, often landing yourself in stressful situations, resulting in related disorders: heart disease and stomach ailments. You are advised to set aside some time for eating nutritious, balanced meals at the right hour. Increase your intake of proteins, fresh fruit and vegetable. Limit your intake of white breads, carbohydrates and fatty or processed foods. Caffeine should be avoided, as it only increases stress levels in the body. Include some form of exercise, however light, in your daily routine. A nice, relaxing, after-dinner walk can make a big difference. While exercising, don't push yourself too hard. You also have the tendency to injure yourself, so do be careful. Although not overly tall, you are set apart by your bone structure that is squarish, giving the impression of a strong build. Most of you you have well-developed muscles and very regular facial features. Aries tend to have even, white teeth. Although you are as strong as the ram that represents you, be careful with what you eat and exercise regularly if you don't want to put on weight around the middle, which most of you do. You are most vulnerable around the head, eyes and face. You are prone to headaches and should definitely take utmost precaution against head-injuries and accidents caused by fire.

ARIES - PERSONALITY When the parade comes to town, look at the one who leads -- it will most likely be an Aries. Not one to be cowed down by failures, you play the game for the recognition it brings. You love to take on new challenges and even lead the way, offering new ideas and finding easy solutions to problems that might seem baffling to others. But in all this, you can't be rushed; you certainly cannot work with someone breathing down your neck. Given the freedom, you will enjoy the challenge and do your best. Although you are pleasant company, you may not be the most popular person around, but that is something you don't take to heart. For you, it is more important to be honest and to be able to speak your mind. You cannot be accused of being short tempered, but once annoyed, it is not easy for you to hide your displeasure and a quick outburst is all you need to calm your nerves. In a teamwork environment, you like to stand up and be counted; you certainly do not like to be ignored. Ironically, it is when you feel rejected, that you are able to contribute your best - perhaps more out of a need to prove to yourself than to be a winner. Once a team member, you will never let your partners down. Try not to be too impulsive; you must make decisions with a cool head. Aries are grand openers but sometimes lacking in the finishing department when someone else can tie up the loose ends. Try to be more diplomatic and use restraint to avoid unpleasant consequences. Remember, not everyone has the fire.

ARIES - PROFESSIONAL Aries make good professionals and generally do well leading from the front. Not one to be closed in, they like to be the captain of their ship with freedom to roam the decks, handing out orders and making sure things get done. Fields like engineering, medicine, space science and metallurgy are good places for an Aries. But you also belong in any job that may bring you recognition or attract attention to yourself. Your sympathy with the underdog and a sense of fair play, combined with the courage to speak your mind should also make you a good trade union leader. And although you will also do well in business, you must be careful not to be overconfident and not to invest your money rashly.

ARIES - LOVE When in love, you don a pair of rose-tinted glasses and the world is a magical place for you. The idea of romance captivates you and you ignore all else to be near your beloved. Candlelight dinners, soft music, slow dances, late night walks hand in hand by the light of the moon on remote windswept beaches - everything is possible, and it does not stop there, Aries will profess undying love for their beloved - a promise they are most likely to keep. Ideal life partners are most likely to be other Aries, Leos, Sagittarians, or Scorpios. On the family side, life may not be the picture of harmony, as you have a tendency to be opinionated and forceful, always wanting to have the last word and this may cause friction. You need to be more flexible and tolerant to achieve a harmonious family life. Aries do make caring partners, although at times you might expect too much from your spouse, this will be more so in the case of men than the Aries women who will settle down to their partners' habits more easily. Home is a neat place, a practical blend of comfort and aesthetics, preferring well-ventilated houses where there is enough space to move about.