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RAMA Bhargav

Astrologer Rama Bhargav is a practicing astrologer with an experience of over 12 years in the field of horoscope reading. She practices astrological reading as a science and offers explanatory advice to clients with logical explanations. Her approach is to help the clients understand and get educated them about the true reasons behind troubles they are facing in their lives. Subsequently, she offers very simple and affordable solutions to their problems. She understands that most people bring some pre-determined troubles rising from their previous birth karma and often get affected by them in the present life and suggests fitting solutions to reduce the negative effects.

Other consultations and therapies she practices include Mantra Therapy,Yantra Therapy, Numerology, Gem Therapy, Rudraksh Therapy, Spiritual Therapy etc.

She firmly believes that usage of suitable and apt colors, wearing the suitable gemstones, selecting appropriate dates and numbers, and praying with appropriate mantras and on suitable days can positively impact one’s life and bring success, wealth and prosperity in time. She offers suitable guidance and remedies to clients after sensibly looking up and examining their horoscopes and kundlis.


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