Acharya Jayant

Acharya Jayant has been involved with astrology since 1989.He provides cosultation to his clients using his knowledge of Astrology,Numerology,Palmistry,Lal Kitab,Tarrot card,Vaastu,Feng Shui etc.He also has a knowledge of Reiki,Yoga,Gem healing,Signaturography and attended and participated in astrological seminars and meeting.He provides a cosultation to his clients using Astrology,Palmistry,Lal Kitab, Tarrot card,Vaastu,Feng Shui etc. (As Required).He was awarded titles like JYOTISH RATNAKAR,JYOTISH PRABHKAR,JYOTISH VISHARAD etc by various Astrological societies.He was also honoured by chief minister of Punjab Mrs Bhattal in 2005 at Patiala in Punjab in india....

Report By: Acharya Jayant

Ask a Question (RS. 400.00 INR / $ 10 .0 USD)
Ask your Queries or problem on any topic, marriage, love, finance,Education, caree and Childern and get the solution based on the Astrological principles by examining your Horoscope and Prashna Chart.
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Best date For Any Activity (RS. 500 INR / $ 15 USD)
This custom report, created with reference to your horoscope and its signatures, can identify lucky days or lucky periods in your life when there is a greater chance for you to win in games of chance or have unexpected gains….
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Career Prospects (RS. 500 INR / $ 15 USD)
Your career or profession is the very important aspect of your life. Successful career gives you a happy and peaceful life. If career suit to your basic temperament then you enjoy your career, otherwise you feel frustrated, restless and suffocated.
  • Career Prospect: General Overview And Present Trend
  • Good And Bad Periods
  • Foreign Travel Opportunities
  • Relationship With Your Colleagues And Boss
  • Remedies To Improve And Enhance Career Prospects

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Career Report 2013 (RS. 1000.00 INR / $ 25.00 USD)
Every one what to Know in advance that he Will you see some career changes in the this year ? Or will you get higher promotion? This career report will indicate exactly where your professional life is headed in the upcoming year.
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Child Report (RS. 500 INR / $ 15 USD)
Sometimes medical help cannot solve this problem or even physical fitness cannot helps in childbirth. These kinds of problems can be sorted out through your horoscope. Below given some points can be studied through your horoscope:- What is the strength of the horoscope on childbirth front?
Will children born or not?
What is the major problem in childbirth?
When and how can this problem remove?
Which dasha is best for child\'s birth?
If any problem is there, then what kind of problem? & their solutions with remedies

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Compatibility Report (RS. 500 INR / $ 15 USD)
Some number vibrations (as people sometimes) keep recurring in our lives , and our destinies are linked to theirs. Find out your compatibility ratings with your loved ones, your boss, your colleagues and others who play a major role in your life.
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Education Guidance (RS. 500 INR / $ 15 USD)
There is often a mismatch between the kind of career a person is inclined towards and his/her educational qualifications. The Education Guidance Report will analysis your birth chart and guide you towards the correct education from which you will get more success in your life. You can get it done for your children also.
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Feng Shui Remedies (RS. 3000 INR / $ 100 USD)
Get to know your favourable directions and remedial gadgets to enhance your performance in office and home based on this Chinese Art of harmonizing energy around you.
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Health Analysis (RS. 600/- INR / $ 18 USD)
Better health is very inportent for our life but some times we face illness or an imbalance and we need the necessary remedies to bring our health back into balance. Prevention is better than cure so for a complete health analysis ask us now. A medical astrology report is not a substitute for professional medical advice, and only provides insight into your prakriti based on your birth chart and suggests lifestyle changes or tendencies that are prevalent in our charts.
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Love Prospects (RS. 600 INR / $ 15.00 USD)
The liberal meeting opportunities permitted by the modern progressive society are like a double edged sword which cuts both ways. On one hand the free meeting of the sexes leads to better understanding and happiness but on the other hand there are the disappointments. A happy meeting can be a thing to cherish for life but a wrong step can lead to a broken heart. There are hopes and aspirations on one hand but the fears and phobias are not far away. The interest to take the plunge is there but the fear of the unknown is also there. And yet, nothing makes the heart beat faster than the prospect of love and romance!
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Marital Prospects (RS. 750 INR / $ 25 USD)
Every unmarried person either male or female want to know about yourself that When i will get married, where and whom you will get married, you will get the answer of all these question in this report.
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Marriage and life after it (RS. 750 INR / $ 25 USD)
Give a clear indication of marriage timing
-Explanation of your planets affecting marriage area
-Assessment of the bliss of conjugal life
-Analysis of your strengths through powerful planets
-Explanation of your horoscope
-Expert guidance to the perfect marital relationship
-Picture of life after marriage
-The most helpful Remedy
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Marriage Report (RS. 1100.00 INR / $ 30.00 USD)
Marriage is not just about love…it is about adjustments; in-laws; babies! Find out what will happen in the next 12 months, Find out where you relationship with your spouse is heading in the coming year....for better or for worse. Let our astrologers tell you where the problem lies, and how best to resolve it.
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Name Correction (RS. 500 INR / $ 15 USD)
In this particular numerological report your existing name will be tuned to the number associated with the strongest planet of your horoscope / natal chart to bring better luck into your lives.
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Numerology report (RS. 750 INR / $ 25 USD)
The scope of psychological characteristic study in numerology is contained between the numbers 1-9. (Although, the value zero (0) also has added value into the equation, as well.) Numbers fall into a sequence, just as life is a sequence of cycles. In numerology, you will also find what is known as Master Numbs, the main ones depicted within this site are 11 and 22. However, serious numerologists study the nature of 33, 44 and so on. Yet, all numbers single or double digit still fall within the 1-9 sequence. Ready to find out what your numbers say about you and your life? Fill out the form below.
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The Year Ahead 2013 (RS. 1100 INR / $ 30 USD)
How is 2012 from now onwards till next one year? What does it promise and what does it deny? Is the road ahead smooth or does it contain lot of potholes and speadbreakers? Sunsign / Moonsign, Lagna / Nakshatra, Placement of Planets, Any important observation on the chart. Our Exclusive year ahead reading give you guidance for each day when planetary changes take place as per the planetary movements
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Vaastu Consultation (RS. Rs 5000 /- INR / $ $ 125.0 USD)
You can send map of your house for detailed analysis.It should clearly show the directions,dimensions and Pillars in Map . Please indicate the structures like Electric polls,trees,ponds, bridges,roads or river etc if present in your surrounding of your house.
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Job Prospects (RS. 1000.00 INR / $ 25.00 USD)
Competition is increasing day by day at work place and it is not easy to get your cherished promotion and maintain good relation with seniors/bosses. It is also not very easy to find the job you wish to have or looking for. There are many issues in Career. Are you unemployed and looking for a job? Are you worried about your career or want to re-plan it? Do you think it is not your kind of profession or promotion is being delayed or your relations are getting spoiled with your associates or seniors?
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