Gand Mool Shanti

Rs. 10000 INR
There are 27 nakshtra’s and six of them are called Mool Nakshtra, and them six nakshtra’s are Ashwaini, Magha,...Read More shopping online

Navgrah Shanti

Rs. 10000 INR
Navagraha Shanti Puja is performed to reduce the negative effects and improve the positive energies related to...Read More shopping online

Rudra Abhishek

Rs. 2000 INR
Rudra Abhishek is a ritual where Panchamrut Pooja is offers to lord Trimbakeshwar with powerful mantras to ful...Read More shopping online

Kalsarp Dosh Nivaran

Rs. 10000 INR
The Kalsarpyog is a dreaded yoga that can cause one\'s life to be miserable. A person under the affliction of ...Read More shopping online

Griha Pravesh

Rs. 5100 INR
Vasthu Graha Pravesh (i.e. first entry into the newly built house) is a very important aspect of Vaastu-Shastr...Read More shopping online