Aath Mukhi Rudraksha

The eight-faced Rudraksh is symbolic of the eight-armed Goddess and Lord Ganesh who are the first deities to be worshipped in any Puja (religious prayer). Sri Ganesh blesses all rituals and no Puja is considered successful without first invoking the blessing of Lord Ganesh. The wearer of the eight-faced Rudraksh is bestowed with intelligence and has all his wishes fulfilled. Just as the eight-armed Goddess destroys demons, the eight-faced Rudraksh is said to overcome enemies and make friends out of opponents. This world is said to be made up of eight elements - Earth, Sky, Water, Fire, Air, Mind, Intelligence and Pride. The one who adorns this Rudraksh achieves success in every sphere of life. The person is known to become more thoughtful and self-searching. Those facing endless hardships and obstructions and seek change and upliftment in life are pleasantly surprised by its results.