Barah Mukhi Rudraksha

This Rudraksh symbolizes Lord Bhaskar (the Sun God) who is the glorious and majestic God who runs the world. The life-giving qualities of the Sun are born in the person wearing this glorious Rudraksh. The wearer becomes very radiant, spreading knowledge and enlightenment in all directions. He is very well respected and honoured by one and all and whatever he undertakes to do he does it successfully. There is a perpetual radiant glow on the face of the person wearing this Rudraksh and he is able to charm his way through crowds. Those not satisfied with small achievements, gain power and ability to rise higher and higher. The wearer develops patience and courage to turn adversities in his favour. It is helpful in marriage relations, begetting off spring, driving away animosity and developing congenial relationships. It helps make life happier in every sphere of life.