Nau Mukhi Rudraksha

The Nine-Faced Rudraksh is the symbolic of the primordial Mother Mahamaya Jagdamba who has given birth to the world. Being the representative symbol of the nine Durga`s it is very fruitful and peace giving. The devotees of Shakti must definitely wear it. It also makes the nine day fast during Navratras, even more fruitful. All the weaknesses are said to disapprear through the none openings in the body. This Rudraksh also provides protection from the ill effects of the nine planets. Being a form of Mother, this is excessively beneficial for women since it has nine qualities. This bead also increases will power, keeps the body healthy, builds concentration and cures diseases especially those related to the heart and the lungs. Also increases courage, patience, bravery, dutifulness, alertness, decisiveness and popularity in society.