Marriage Report

Marriage is not just about love…it is about adjustments; in-laws; babies! Find out what will happen in the next 12 months, Find out where you relationship with your spouse is heading in the coming year....for better or for worse. Let our astrologers tell you where the problem lies, and how best to resolve it.
Acharya Jayant
Acharya Jayant has been involved with astrology since 1989.He provides cosultati ...more
Rs 1100.00 INR - $30.00 USD
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Pt. Sanjay Bhargav
Pt. Sanjay Bhargav has been involved with astrology for the last 5 years. He has ...more
Rs 500 INR - $10 USD
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Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar is a representative of traditional part of Indian Astrology, occult ...more
Rs 1100 INR - $21 USD
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Rama Bhargav
Astrologer Rama Bhargav is a practicing astrologer with an experience of over 12 ...more
Rs 1000 INR - $19 USD
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