Pt. Sanjay Bhargav

Pt. Sanjay Bhargav has been involved with astrology for the last 5 years. He has done Bsc.(PCM),DCA,Web engineering ,CIC, jyotish Alankara. He has made many accurate predictions on a number of occasions. There are many predictions, which come true, and the phenomenon is still continuing. He have believes that if a prediction comes true there is nothing to feel proud about because this is the minimum thing that a person expects from an astrologer.
ind family relation, marrige life ,Love, Relationship...

Report By: Pt. Sanjay Bhargav

Marriage and life after it (RS. 3200.00 INR / $ 64:00 USD)
Give a clear indication of marriage timing
-Explanation of your planets affecting marriage area
-Assessment of the bliss of conjugal life
-Analysis of your strengths through powerful planets
-Explanation of your horoscope
-Expert guidance to the perfect marital relationship
-Picture of life after marriage
-The most helpful Remedy
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Career Shift (RS. 3200.00 INR / $ 64.00 USD)
What will you get
-The basic explanation of your horoscope
-Explanation of your planet governing Career area
-Assessment of the planet Moon

- An analysis of your strengths through Mercury - A thorough analytical exercise on all related aspects
- A clear indication of Career suitability
- Guidance to the perfect timing of Career growth or shift
- The most helpful Remedy
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Insta Prediction (RS. 1200.00 INR / $ 24.00 USD)
Love, interview, travel abroad, problems in relationships, financial downfall - whatever be your query, get astrological advice/prediction within 48 hours.
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Ask a Question (RS. 1200.00 INR / $ 24.00 USD)
Ask your Queries or problem on any topic, marriage, love, finance,Education, caree and Childern and get the solution based on the Astrological principles by examining your Horoscope and Prashna Chart.
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The Year Ahead 2013 (RS. 6000.00 INR / $ 120.00 USD)
How is 2012 from now onwards till next one year? What does it promise and what does it deny? Is the road ahead smooth or does it contain lot of potholes and speadbreakers? Sunsign / Moonsign, Lagna / Nakshatra, Placement of Planets, Any important observation on the chart. Our Exclusive year ahead reading give you guidance for each day when planetary changes take place as per the planetary movements
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Name Correction (RS. 3600.00 INR / $ 72.00 USD)
In this particular numerological report your existing name will be tuned to the number associated with the strongest planet of your horoscope / natal chart to bring better luck into your lives.
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Feng Shui Remedies (RS. 2000.00 INR / $ 40.00 USD)
Get to know your favourable directions and remedial gadgets to enhance your performance in office and home based on this Chinese Art of harmonizing energy around you.
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Relationship Analysis (RS. 499.00 INR / $ 12.00 USD)
This report is a fine product that matches two horoscopes and implies, Future Love Prediction, the compatibility between two persons on the emotional, mental, ideological and behavioural fronts. It involves arriving at a conclusion whether they would support and co-operate with each other or which aspects would be strong or weak in the relationship. It also accounts of astrology permitted and favoured marriages, Matching Horoscope, and warns about imperfect matches as well.
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Finance Report (RS. 1200.00 INR / $ 24.00 USD)
Worried about your current financial status? Thinking whether you'll be able to make enough money? Wondering if you will get finance when you need it? If all these questions and many more are running in your mind, don't wait too long and avail your Finance Report right away.
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Career Prospects (RS. 800.00 INR / $ 20.00 USD)
Your career or profession is the very important aspect of your life. Successful career gives you a happy and peaceful life. If career suit to your basic temperament then you enjoy your career, otherwise you feel frustrated, restless and suffocated.
  • Career Prospect: General Overview And Present Trend
  • Good And Bad Periods
  • Foreign Travel Opportunities
  • Relationship With Your Colleagues And Boss
  • Remedies To Improve And Enhance Career Prospects

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Compatibility Report (RS. 750.00 INR / $ 15.00 USD)
Some number vibrations (as people sometimes) keep recurring in our lives , and our destinies are linked to theirs. Find out your compatibility ratings with your loved ones, your boss, your colleagues and others who play a major role in your life.
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Marriage Report (RS. 500 INR / $ 10 USD)
Marriage is not just about love…it is about adjustments; in-laws; babies! Find out what will happen in the next 12 months, Find out where you relationship with your spouse is heading in the coming year....for better or for worse. Let our astrologers tell you where the problem lies, and how best to resolve it.
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Love Prospects (RS. 500 INR / $ 10 USD)
The liberal meeting opportunities permitted by the modern progressive society are like a double edged sword which cuts both ways. On one hand the free meeting of the sexes leads to better understanding and happiness but on the other hand there are the disappointments. A happy meeting can be a thing to cherish for life but a wrong step can lead to a broken heart. There are hopes and aspirations on one hand but the fears and phobias are not far away. The interest to take the plunge is there but the fear of the unknown is also there. And yet, nothing makes the heart beat faster than the prospect of love and romance!
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Best date For Any Activity (RS. 800 INR / $ 16 USD)
This custom report, created with reference to your horoscope and its signatures, can identify lucky days or lucky periods in your life when there is a greater chance for you to win in games of chance or have unexpected gains….
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