Acharya Jayant

Acharya Jayant has been involved with astrology since 1989.He provides cosultation to his clients using his knowledge of Astrology,Numerology,Palmistry,Lal Kitab,Tarrot card,Vaastu,Feng Shui etc.He also has a knowledge of Reiki,Yoga,Gem healing,Signaturography and attended and participated in astrological seminars and meeting.He provides a cosultation to his clients using Astrology,Palmistry,Lal Kitab, Tarrot card,Vaastu,Feng Shui etc. (As Required).He was awarded titles like JYOTISH RATNAKAR,JYOTISH PRABHKAR,JYOTISH VISHARAD etc by various Astrological societies.He was also honoured by chief minister of Punjab Mrs Bhattal in 2005 at Patiala in Punjab in india.